Abel Tasman Sea Shuttles - Our Story

In 1942 the Abel Tasman National Park was created. Being one of New Zealands most beautiful areas, with it’s long golden sand beaches, crystal clear waters and forested hills this park became a major attraction for New Zealanders and internationals alike.

And the tourism industry in the area began…

The National Park was famous and a popular destination for the young adventurous travellers who would hike the trails and sea kayak through the bays and beaches.

However, it was a difficult place to access if you were looking for a milder experience.

This is when Abel Tasman Sea Shuttle started its operations with one little boat. They pushed onwards with a lot of passion for the job they had chosen to do which was to take good people into the park and provide easy access to these incredible locations.

They kept innovating and designing better systems and boats.

Everything has been built by the Knapp family’s own hands for the environment they are working in. The Abel Tasman National Park has shallow water, and the sea floor is sand, this requires very specific types of boat systems.

How about inventing a unique propulsion system to drive a custom built 15 metre catamaran weighing 14 tonne in a depth of only 420mm? Add to this the company’s own walk on-walk off gantry system on the bow of the boat and you have a commercial vessel capable of delivering 50 hikers up into the reaches of Abel Tasman’s stream fed estuaries without getting their feet wet.

So they built a fleet of them!