Co-owner, engineer, designer, boatbuilder, skipper

Keith with his wife Heather are the creators of the company. Keith has lived in the area all his life and has put a great deal of thought into how he can have the best possible lifestyle for himself, his family & friends, this company has been the result! To Keith it’s all about designing, building and operating boats & barges, walking barefoot on the beaches and enjoying the great fishing and diving the Abel Tasman National Park has to offer.

Co-owner, photographer, sales executive

Heather can be found throughout the National Park with her camera lens trained onto any one of the amazing views or local wildlife. She has a serious passion for the area which comes across in her photography. You could meet Heather anywhere, at the Kiosk, on the boats or on any one of the beaches. She is very busy lady!

co-owner, sales executive

Debbie is always there to help you throughout your experience with us, she came from the world of banking to join her Mum and Dad running this genuine kiwi lifestyle company. You can meet her at the kiosk or on the phone when you first make contact. She’ll always make sure you get the best from the area and with a smile and a laugh!

Co-Owner, innovator, thinker, skipper

Paul is husband to Debbie and in his own right a very accomplished chap. Having come from his own business in the marine engineering world (where incidentally he invented some rather useful systems that revolutionized modern day mussel farming) he joined the family firm with a lot of experience. You’ll find ‘Smithy’ often aboard one of your boats as skipper and you’ll notice how much he loves the job!

Co-owner, designer, marine electrical specialist, skipper

Greg is responsible for much of the incredible electrical systems throughout the fleet, having spent a lot of time creating, designing and building the boats he’s got everything ‘wired’. He’s one of the main skippers on the team and you’ll find him at the wheel of any one of the vessels when you venture into the park.

Marketing Manager – Abel Tasman Sea Shuttle & Kaiteriteri Kayaks

Mark is a local Motueka lad who grew up on an apple orchard in Mariri before moving away to study & travel. He spent 5 years in Europe working for an English tour operator, based in some of the most picturesque Ski & Lake resorts in places such as Andorra, Norway & Northern Italy. Outside of office work, you may even see him driving one of the boats.

Ticket booth & customer service, crew

Ricky has been working here since he was a teenager. A solid member of the team and knows everything there is to know about planning your adventures in the park.


"I love the fact that every day is different. Different weather, different tides, different people.”


“I have a background in hospitality and used to work on fishing charter boats in Mozambique. I just love being out on the water, I am happy at sea. I am also known for my incredible Bill Clinton impersonations…”


Mark has a background in tourism, youth development and journalism. He is a local who has a distinct passion for the area he works in. You will find Mark crewing aboard any one of the ATSS vessels and passing on his abundant knowledge of the Abel Tasman National Park to the guests.